Temporary Hotel Staffing

When You Need Key Staff For a Month or Two or Three, We Have Them.

Hospitality Taskforce provides temporary hotel staffing throughout the U.S. and Hawaii in Sales, Catering, and Management in all Departments.

We fill short-term vacancies caused by maternity and medical leaves and for the gaps that come from unplanned resignations and/or terminations, or when you simply need an extra effort for 30-60-90 days. We have a network of highly talented, highly experienced, Independent Contractors with an average of 20+ years (10 years minimum) in their discipline with Branded and Independent properties.

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There are two different ways to bring temporary hotel staffing to your property.

The first is the “standard,” most common way: We provide you with a 1099, Independent Contractor with all the skills needed to do the job. They come for a minimum of four weeks but after the minimum, they stay as long as you need and want them. You have the option to cancel at any time after the initial four weeks with just a one week’s written notice. They are not your employee, they are an independent contractor. You pay HT a weekly fee from which we pay the contractor. The weekly fee is the same with either method.

The second method, which is growing in popularity and is the preferred method for Interstate, Loews, Hersha and Noble House Hotels is the TFTE (Temporary Full-Time Employee) method. In this case, HT refers the individual (same great skills and talent as the Independent Contractor method) to you and you put them on the payroll as a Temporary Full-Time Employee. They follow all company rules and policies. They are employed for a guaranteed minimum of four weeks. HT is paid a pre-agreed referral fee for as long as they are a TFTE. Assuming they do not live within commuting distance, you provide them with a guestroom, three meals a day, laundry and valet service for their work clothes, initial round trip transportation and a trip home every two weeks for as long as the assignment lasts.

You select the method that suits your hotel and company policy. After that, it is still relatively simple. You call us or complete the Request for Proposal and answer the questions found below under “Getting Started”.

Getting Started

Use our online Request for Proposal (below) or contact us for a conversation.

We will ask you several questions, such as:

  • What position needs to be filled?
  • Is it a medical/maternity leave or vacancy?
  • How soon do you need the contractor/individual?
  • How long (your best estimate) do you anticipate needing the contractor/individual?
  • Are there any specific skills or specialities needed for the position?  (Market Segments, PMS Systems, etc.)

Next, utilizing our network of pre-screened, highly qualified and experienced independent contractors/individuals, we identify those who have:

  • The skill-set for the position
  • Proficiency with the systems in place at the property
  • Are available NOW (or when they will be needed)
  • Experience with the brand (where necessary or required)
  • Experience in the market

Then we send you profiles or resumes of the top 1-3 candidates for your review. You decide which candidates you want to consider and have a telephone interview with. We set that up and you make a selection. We will let you know the weekly fee. You and the contractor/individual decide on the start date.

We send you a Referral or Independent Taskforce Agreement (contract). Both parties sign the contract; you send us the initial payment and the contractor starts on the date agreed to. The initial term is a minimum of four weeks but can be extended for as long as they are needed and wanted. (Some states may limit the duration of Independent Contractor assignments.) Initial payment is due 10 days prior to the start date. Subsequent payments are due 10 days prior to the start of each subsequent four-week increment. *In most cases, the Hotel purchases the transportation for the contractor/individual. In some cases, the contractor/individual purchases and is reimbursed by the hotel within 72 hours. And in other cases, Hospitality Taskforce may purchase the transportation and include that charge in the initial invoice paid, in advance, by the hotel.

All of the above can happen in as quickly as 24 hours!

How Our Candidates are Chosen and Matched

Temporary hotel staffing criteria

At Hospitality Taskforce, we make our contractor recommendations based on the Hotel’s specific needs and requirements. We pay very close attention to the details of your RFP and we use that information in our meticulous candidate screening process.

Our selection criteria include the following:

  • Individual’s Skill Set
  • Availability
  • Years of experience in the position/market segment
  • Experience with the Brand and systems used
  • Positive feedback from references

Our contractors have a minimum of 10 years’ experience within their discipline, most have 20+ years. We don’t use rookies or individuals with marginal experience. Our fees are typically higher than other Taskforce companies.

The ultimate decision is made by Hotel management. We’ll never ask you to make a decision on a contractor/individual without first having a phone interview, at the very least.

What to Expect After a Candidate is Chosen

The individual, either Independent Contractor or Temporary, Full-Time Employee, will arrive on property, ready to get started with their assignment. It is important that their reservation be in place and that instructions are given that allows the individual to check-in, have a meal and to know where, when and with whom they will meet in the morning.

The typical temporary hotel staffing duration lasts 4-12 weeks but can vary based on the situation. Maternity leaves are the most predictable (typically 12-14 weeks). Finding and hiring a replacement employee can vary from market to market and position to position. It rarely takes less than four weeks. In today’s tight labor market, it is not uncommon to take longer than 12 weeks to screen, recruit, hire and bring on-board a new employee. But the Taskforce process is very simple, straightforward, and significantly faster.

After the initial four-week interval, either party can cancel at any time, for any reason with one week’s written notice. If you pay for a subsequent four-week interval then decide to cancel (with one week’s notice), you will receive a refund for any unused portion of the fee paid. We have no interest in locking you into a long-term commitment that you no longer need or want. Rather, we strive to earn your respect, trust, confidence and future business.