Temporary Hospitality Jobs

Become an Independent Hospitality Contractor

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At Hospitality Taskforce, we are always looking for talented hotel professionals to join our team and gain access to temporary hospitality jobs. We are proud of our standards for excellence in this industry, and we know that the qualities we look for in our candidates can be hard to come by. That’s why we offer lucrative contractor fees to those who have what it takes to deliver five-star service to our clients.

Gold-Standard Candidate Screening

Examples of characteristics that make you a “winning” Taskforce candidate include:

  • A minimum of ten years’ experience in your designated specialty
  • Specialized skills that correspond to the needs of our clients
  • Experience working with multiple brands
  • Open availability and willingness to travel for extended periods
  • Professional appearance and demeanor
  • Highly-effective communication and selling skills

What You Should Know

As an independent contractor working through Hospitality Taskforce, you work when you want, where you want, and as much as you want, depending on the needs of the customer. You have the ultimate freedom while enjoying all of the uniquely challenging aspects of filling a critical role with some of the top hotels in the country.

Our contract assignments often call for extensive travel, self-discipline, and highly-specialized skills and expertise. As such, we ensure that the fees we pay are commensurate with the demands. Assignments typically last for a minimum of 4 weeks and can be as long as 12-16 weeks. Our contractor fees are paid on a bi-weekly basis.

Contractor Responsibilities

Like any independent contractor, you will be responsible for paying all local, state, and federal income and employment taxes. For that reason, we require a completed W-9 from every contractor at the same time your first assignment is confirmed and signed (prior to beginning work). You are also required to be self-insured with General Liability Insurance, Workers Compensation and any insurance required by the state you’ll be in.  Hospitality Taskforce must be shown as “Additional Insured” on your policies. We require that you provide service as an “entity,” (your own company, i.e. John Smith, Independent Hotel Contractor, LLC). Having an LLC is required.

At the end of the year, we will report your total fees to the IRS and provide you with a Form 1099, so that you may complete your necessary tax documents.

Submit an application to be considered for temporary hospitality jobs.

If you are interested in joining Hospitality Taskforce as an independent contractor, please click the button below to begin the application process. You will have the opportunity to attach and submit your resume as a Microsoft Word document, as well. A member of our management team will contact you as quickly as possible.